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All Risks Covers Everything Not Clearly and Unambiguously Excluded

All risk policies cover every possible risk of loss except those specifically and unambiguously excluded. It is difficult to write clear and unambiguous exclusions and when they are written a court can, and often does, find an ambiguity. As a result some insurers should prefer a named peril policy to avoid a court

How To Alleviate Financial Risk As An Expat!

As an expat living and working overseas good health and well-being is important to you and your family. The expatriate life is full of challenges and opportunities alike: the chance to develop one's career, assimilate new cultures and see new and exciting places are all part of this journey. Whether you are flying

Home & Content Insurance is the kind of cover you hope you never have to use, but if you need it, it’s invaluable. Home & Content Insurance for expatriates protects your home, its contents and, indirectly, other

Innocent Material Misrepresentation Sufficient for Insurer to Rescind

The covenant of good faith and fair dealing requires both the insured and the insurer to deal fairly and in good faith when dealing with the acquisition of insurance. When an insurer

1. Get The Right Level Of Cover

Knowing you have medical insurance that provides adequate coverage is one important factor that can help you feel at ease. Determine your level of coverage comfort zone: basic, medium or comprehensive. In Singapore, a

The days of big benefit, company-sponsored health insurance packages are over as companies focus on cost-cutting and the profile of an expat continues to transform. Many expats find they are now on local plans with limited coverage and no medical benefits for family members.

Rising boardroom interest in cyber insurance cover has been sparked by a number of major data breaches; the prospect of bigger data breach penalties under new EU data protection laws, and a UK government awareness-raising campaign, an expert has said.

Nearly 50 years after Captain Kirk began using his wrist communicator on the television show, Star Trek, wearable technology is taking hold. From Fitbit and Nike Fuelbands to Google Glass and Golden-I, the technology is influencing how people live and work.

The legal requirement for all employers to provide a safe working environment is not new. From basic safety to prevent illness and injury, to ensuring good security measures to prevent and manage threats, workplace safety and security measures have been commonplace for quite some time.

If you’re not sure where to start, these books will really help out.

Question: What is a great personal finance book to read for a young entrepreneur trying to get better at managing their money while launching a startup?

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

“I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad in high school, and it started me on a personal journey to learn about

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