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SINGAPORE | Home & Content Insurance For Expats

Home & Content Insurance is the kind of cover you hope you never have to use, but if you need it, it’s invaluable. Home & Content Insurance for expatriates protects your home, its contents and, indirectly, other

assets housed in your property and owned by you in the events of fire, theft, accident or related disasters covered by your insurance policy.

Although individuals are not legally required to have Home & Content insurance, there will be circumstances - such as taking out a mortgage, where your lender will probably insist on it. In addition, if you own a condominium, the tenant’s association may require you to have cover, since if something were to happen to your condo it could affect others in your block. Preparing for the unexpected will provide you with peace of mind and allow you to get on with what you do best – live your life.

Even when you properly maintain your property and you’re not in the path of natural disasters such as flooding in the case of tropical Singapore, Home & Content insurance comes in handy for unexpected scenarios. For example, if a freak electrical malfunction results in a fire and severely damages your home, your belongings may also be damaged. These types of unforeseen events can be financially crippling without the right protection. Home & Content insurance protects you from unnecessary financial loss associated with the unforeseen circumstance.

What's also encouraging for expatriates is that Home & Content insurance covers your valuables not only when they’re in your home, but when you travel as well. If you are travelling with an expensive designer watch or your wife/partner intends on carrying jewellery such as an engagement ring or wedding band then Home & Content insurance is a must.

Travel cover usually has a maximum benefit limit of around $1,500 for personal items. Engagement rings or designer watches can often cost tens of thousands of dollars, and if lost or stolen, the replacement costs will most definitely leave you out of pocket. Home & Content insurance can help you recuperate these costs if ever something were to happen to your valuables whether at home or abroad.

Home & Content Insurance for expats offers a wide range of coverage. Whether you’re at home or travelling abroad, the unexpected can occur and often does. If you want peace of mind, allow an expert to use their expertise to design a tailored expatriate insurance plan for you, your partner or your family.

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