Terms and Conditions

  1. You guarantee United Global Brokers that your insurance brokerage has a confirmed history of conducting your business in line with the ethics and principles as outlined in ‘Our Pledge’.
  2. You agree to ensure that all clients and assignments provided to you will be managed in line with the ethics and principles outlined in ‘Our Pledge’.
  3. You agree that United Africa Brokers may conduct a customer satisfaction survey after each new client has been assigned to you, with the purpose of establishing your star rating as a service provider within the network.
  4. If any complaints are received in respect of any service or interaction arising from a client assigned to your brokerage, that such will be managed within a reasonable timeframe to the satisfaction of the client and United Global Brokers.
  5. You accept that any gross misconduct or misrepresentation will result in the immediate termination of your membership with United Global Brokers.
  6. You agree to ensure that an English speaking broker or representative be available at all times to assist clients assigned to you by United Global Brokers.
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