September 14, 2017


High Energy Business Team

Sibu is sitting on the best idea he’s ever had. It can save his company millions in unnecessary expenditure and it’ll utilise wasted resources in an innovative way. This idea will help the company to surpass both ethical and financial goals. Yet, right now, he’s sitting in a board room waiting to tell his team for the first time about this idea. He breathes in and out and reassures himself that he’s not being silly (“Surely someone else has thought of this already?”) Then he sees the dead look in his colleagues’ eyes – the look that says, “This is so boring. Please don’t raise another point. I want to go home.”

Sibu stops in his tracks… This isn’t the right time and place. Innovative ideas can’t be planted in dry soil.

The problem Sibu is facing comes down to team energy. The feeling one gets when interacting with a team is called their energy. This energy

  • drives motivation,
  • encourages teamwork,
  • promotes creativity and,
  • gives organisations a competitive edge.

When a team is functioning on high energy, it can be very powerful. The collaborative free-flow of ideas and thoughts which are fostered and debated, whether big or small, create fertile soil for unexpected seedlings of change. Unlike Sibu’s team, employees feel free to think out of the box, to be themselves, and to dream big.

On the other hand, Sibu’s team is displaying some of the characteristics of poor energy. There are repercussions when a team has low energy – Sibu’s idea never grew roots and could have saved the company millions. But teams with high energy help other employees and teams in the organisation to work collaboratively, support and inspire each other, and share information. The results yielded by good team energy are humane, financial and ethical.

When Sibu sat down, his idea locked away, his team leader noticed. It troubled her and she started to think about what stopped Sibu. At least that idea took root! Hopefully next time Sibu raises a point, the look in his colleagues’ eyes makes him stand up taller instead of shying away.

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