Don’t we all crib for that perfect work-life balance? Be it start-ups or big corporations, employees often end up working into the wee hours of the morning or taking work home. In such a scenario, the work life balance is gone for a toss. As countries struggle to put rules in place to ensure people are not overworked, achieving the perfect balance is still a farfetched dream.

However, these 10 countries are doing a great job of making lives of their citizens easier. InterNations, the world’s largest network for people who live and work abroad conducted a survey for countries that curate the best work-life balance for expats. An interesting anecdote from the survey is that work-life balance doesn’t necessarily mean shorter work hours.

Based on the insights of close to 13,000 expats from 188 countries the annual Expat Insider survey lists down the following 10 countries as the ones with top work-life balance.



Writer: Sanchita Dash